The McFab hike follows in the 1925 tradition of a triple challenge with a celebration at the end. The difference is that his hike celebrates three niceties. The first part of the adventure, is the hike itself which spans 3 working farms and engages the hiker in everyday farm life, seeing tractors at work, and animals being herded, the hiker might even meet the farm horses roaming free. The 2 days hike covers a distance of 37 km, and include sigh seeing of the farms, a rest under the Willow trees along the Kalkspruit, a swim in the freshwater pool, even a lookout for the endangered Bald Ibis and African Grass owl. Day 1 marks your arrival on the farm and your host might have a pleasant surprise waiting. Day 2 starts early the next morning from where you have slept the first night,at Makiti, farm Sweet Valley, and the next 17 km winds over grass fields, past maize and soy plantations and visits old Boer War farmhouses. You will arrive at your next destination in the afternoon and you may take a tour of the farm. Day 2 is celebrated with a lovely home cooked dinner. Day 3 starts at Beukusrus, a restored farmhouse build in 1884 where you have slept the previous night. The route follows the roads on the farm, past a certain camp where the Grass owl is often seen. After the last 20 km, the second part of the adventure awaits you in the form of a food feast albeit a high tea under the Willows close to a waterfall. The last treat is an extra spoil for sore feet and necks in the form of a massage, and a enigmatic bonfire to seal friendships and enjoy the African skies. Dinner bed and breakfast, slack pack, high tea and massages are included. 

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